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Big Beach, Makena State Park - Maui, Hawaii

Big Beach at Makena State Park is no doubt one of the prettiest and dreamiest beaches on Maui. The gorgeous soft sand and stunning blue-green water is insanely beautiful. 

Makena State Park, Maui

Commonly known as Big Beach, it has two other Hawaiian names - Makena and Oneloa. It is a secluded beach on the southwest side of Maui, not far in distance from the Resorts of Wailea. This is the beach to get away from the resort crowd and because the shore is long and wide its not hard to find a private spot to relax. Big beach can be accessed through one of the 3 entrances on Makena Rd. The beach is 2/3 miles long and has wide sandy shore. 

Big Beach

Fishing boat / Calm waves

It is known for very strong shore breaks which makes swimming difficult even for adults if they are inexperienced and often results in emergency hospital trips. We must have been lucky to visit during the calmest and less crowded time of the day. The sand was powdery and soft. Water was crystal clear at the shore and turquoise-blue as it got deeper.  ​Big beach is bordered by cinder cone on the north side, and on the other side of the cone is "Little Beach", famous for nude bathing.  There is no food or facilities at the beach. Jaws food truck just outside the parking lot serves delicious fish tacos.

Milky waves / Wides and shore

Crystal clear water

Gear Used: We used Fuji X-T1 with 18-55mm lens. As a secondary camera Fuji X-70.

Useful Information:

What to Bring: There are no facilities at the beach so bring plenty of water and food if you are going to spend a long time. Also sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and a camera. Things to do in the area: Check out other Beaches in Maui, Sunset at Haleakala, Maui Gelato, Jaws Foodtruck, Kinaole Grill Foodtruck.



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