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Bridalveil Falls - Yosemite National Park

Bridalveil Falls, plunging 620 ft down on the valley rocks, is the first to grab your attention as you enter Yosemite Valley. It is one of the most prominent falls in Yosemite National Park visited by millions of people every year.

Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite Valley

Trail: ​A short paved trail with a slight ascent towards the end takes you to the view point at the base of the falls. The trail is open to visitors year round but the accessibility may vary. Icy conditions in winter, misty and slippery trail in spring.

Flat paved trail / Slight ascent

View of the falls: Bridalveil falls is one of the waterfalls in the park that flows year round. The falls is at its peak in spring and early summer, roaring from the fresh snowmelt, spraying drenching mist around. The flow gradually slows down in late summer and fall, gentle and swaying to the winds.

Bridalveil Falls from the viewpoint

If you are adventurous you could climb the rocks to get a closer look at the falls. Be aware of wet slippery rocks and warning signs.

Climbing those rocks can get you closer / Bridalveil creek

Alternate trail: ​The falls is usually very busy during warm months making it difficult to find parking spaces, despite a large parking lot. But you could always pullout along Southside drive and take the other trail to the falls. This trail crosses bridges over bridalveil creek and joins the original trail. Some parts of this trail is unpaved. 

Trail from south side drive

Alternate views: ​Catch a view from Southside drive. Walk towards the river to get a more expansive view of the cliffs, waterfalls, and a view of El Capitan. You could also see the falls from Tunnel view on highway 41 just past Wawona tunnel as you are entering the valley.

View from Merced River

Gear used: Fuji X-T20 with 18-55mm lens.

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