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Flowers from Alaska

Despite frigid winters and rugged conditions, valleys and meadows burst in color during the long summer days. Fireweed, Lupine and Yarrow are few that grow in abundance. Here are some of the blooms we captured during our Trip to Alaska

Chiming Bells, Mertensia Paniculata

Alpine Chickweed, Alpine Mouse-ear, Cerastium Alpinum

Sheep's Sorrel, Rumex Acetosella

Sheep's Sorrel, Red Sorrel, Rumex Acetosella

Maydell's Oxytrope, Oxytropis Maydelliana

Capitate Valerian

Meadow Bistort, Persicaria Bistorta

Alpine Bistort, Bistorta Vivipara


Forget me not, Myosotis Arvensis

Dwarf Alpine Hawksbeard, Askellia Pygmaea

Fireweed, Chamerion Angustifolium

Yarrow, Achillea Millefolium

Cow Parsnip, Heracleum Maximum

Dandelion, Taraxacum

Alsike Clover, Trifolium Hybridum

Gear Used: Fuji X-E2 with 18-55mm lens and 50-230mm lens.

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