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Where We Ate In Hawaii - Maui

If there is anything we love more than the beaches in Maui, it is the food. Maui is blessed with an impressive range of cuisines and flavors brought in by people who migrated to the Hawaiian Islands. Nothing beats the fresh local ingredients that are abundant on the island, like fresh caught fish, tropical fruits and vegetables. 

Seared Ahi at Kinaole Grill, Kihei

We don't do very intense research when it comes to where to eat on a vacation. We just look around, check for reviews, sometimes we don't have a choice, and give it a shot. Most of the time it turns out to be great. Here is a list of places we tried when on our vacation in Maui.

Beach Bums Bar and Grill, Wailuku: We had just landed in Maui and stopped here for lunch on our way to our hotel in Kaanapali. Beach Bums Bar and Grill is a nice beachfront joint next to a harbor with great bbq. If you are driving by or taking a boat tour from Maalaea Harbor, definitely check it out.

Beach Bums Bar and Grill / Barbeque Chicken

Island Icecream Co., Lahaina: It is the No.1 icecream shop in Lahaina. They have a wide range of icecreams and shave ice in refreshing tropical flavors. After a long day outside, we stopped at Island Icecream Co., tried their taro and passionfruit ice creams, and both were yumm.

Taro and Passionfruit icecreams at Island Icecream Co.

Royal Lahaina Luau, Lahaina: A luau is the best way to try a variety of local dishes and drinks. Royal Lahaina luau was great all-around, great food and entertainment right next to the ocean.

Luau at Royal Lahaina Resort - An oceanfront event

Huelo Lookout, Road to Hana (Mile 4.5): This fruitstand is at the very beginning of "Road to Hana". Huelo Lookout is a cute place with warm banana breads, smoothies and fresh sugarcane juice. There is a valley lookout behind it where there is another stand.

Huelo Lookout, Road to Hana

Garden Cafe, Road to Hana (Mile 10): Garden cafe is a food truck at the entrance of Garden of Eden on Road to Hana. They sold great tacos, smoothies and fresh coconut water.

Garden Cafe, Road to Hana

Coconut Glen's Icecream, Road to Hana (Mile 27.5): A funky roadside stand and a very refreshing spot on the drive. Coconut Glen's sold dairy-free coconut base ice creams, coconut candy and fresh coconut water. 

Coconut Glen's, Road to Hana

Thai Food by Pranee, Hana: An amazing food truck and the best thai food we ever had. We stopped at Thai Food by Pranee after visiting Red Sand Beach in Hana. The place was crowded and service seemed a bit slow. We ordered 'specials of the day' which were already prepared, so we got our food faster than those who ordered before us, and it was delicious. 

Thai Food by Pranee, Hana

Choice Health Bar, Lahaina: If you are staying in Lahaina, you must go there. Everything is fresh, organic and delicious at Choice Health Bar. We had the 'chronic' smoothie and acai bowl, never had anything so fresh and yummy.

Choice Health Bar / Chronic smoothie and acai bowl

Jawz Fish Tacos, Kihei: We were at Makena Beach in Kihei and this is the only food option available close to the beach. And why do you need more when you can get  the best tacos at Jawz Fish Tacos. We washed it down with an all-fruit smoothie. 

Jawz Fish Tacos, Kihei

Kinaole Grill, Kihei: A food truck close to Kamaole beach park in Kihei. Of all the places we ate in Maui, Kinaole Grill tops the list. Delicious food, super tasty garlic shrimp and seared ahi. If you are staying in the area or visiting the beaches, go there and pick up your favorite food before heading to the beach, like we did. There is no place to sit by the truck anyway.

Kinaole Grill, Kihei / Garlic Shrimp

Maui Gelato, Kihei: This gelato shop is also close to Kamaole beach park. Maui Gelato has great refreshing flavors of gelato and shave ice. Banana macadamia nut was divine.

Maui Bread Company, Kihei: Right next to Maui Gelato, Maui Bread Company has so many types of fruit and nut flavored breads and cookies. They had samples to try, which made it even more confusing for us to choose the flavors. We ended up getting banana and pineapple breads, both were awesome. Just did not like the coconut water, it was sweetened coconut milk labeled as water.

Maui Gelato, Kihei

Island Vintage Coffee, Lahaina: If you are staying in Lahaina or visiting Kaanapali beach make sure you go there. Island Vintage Coffee is located within Whaler's Village shopping complex. It is one of the best places in the area for breakfast, especially acai bowls. 

Whaler's Village Shopping Mall, Lahaina

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